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14 January: Keith Gilbey

Keith shared some candid accounts of his childhood and then shared some thought on how we can overcome depression, noting that 7.3 million people in the UK are taking antidepressants at the moment.

Keith has written a book titled "Gotta Stop Breaking Down" and below we share some of Keith's thoughts from the book:

  • It's not fair - and it's not my fault How the events of life form the way we think

  • Is this my shelf? The way we build 'shelves' to hide away on

  • Why do people find it so hard to dream? When it is impossible to visualise tomorrow, it becomes impossible to move forward

  • Why do we get all of this life if we don't ever use it? How we misinterpret and conclude that life is meaningless

  • Mountaineering is meaningless; so why do people climb mountains? We find meaning when we choose to find meaning

  • This is how I think; what's wrong with it? When we hang on to yesterday's perceptions, we create today's depression

  • Will I ever be happy? Happiness is a by-product; it cannot be pursued as a goal

  • If we cannot change a situation we must change ourselves People only change is they absolutely have to. So how do we bring about change in our lives?

  • Why do I sometimes disappear? The challenge of trying to hide in full sight

  • How come I don't see myself the way other people do? Perception is everything. How people see us is not necessarily something we can control

  • It's my party and I'll cry if I want to The 'habit' of depression

  • Is this my road? If we want to move forward, we first have to discard the baggage of the past

  • Flashbacks Sometimes the healing process falters - but that does not mean that it has failed

  • What's my purpose? Are our lives pointless; or merely purposeless?

  • I'm doing this FOR a PURPOSE The first steps to finding a 'purpose'