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16 July - King's Arms Barbecue

We couldn't have had better weather or a better venue for the barbecue - it was lovely and warm and the picnic site was great. Johns Ide and Studd cooked 80 sausages each at home then Tim A cooked 160 burgers and finished off the sausages on the barbecue.

John Arnold, John Gallon and Stuart Pavey did a sterling job cutting up rolls and serving burgers and hot dogs.

Numbers weren't counted, but there were lots of people there and most of the food went - surplus sausages were donated to the following day's Mess Church!

All in all a great evening - thanks to all those who helped out! Why not make this an annual event?

John and Tim
Mandy writes: Once again thank you so much for running the BBQ for us, our families had a wonderful time. Just for your information we had approximately 120 people there, a mix of families from the Target work programme, along with volunteers, staff and then some members from Life Church.